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Tang Chao

1990, Hunan, China

Now work in

Shanghai, China

Tang Chao (b.1990, Hunan, China) currently lives and works in Shanghai. He graduated from the School of Inter-Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts. The essence of Tang Chao’s work is like suggestions on lightness in literature. For instance, he refines a whole script into one sentence such as “The dilemma of being in a modern island, a paradise of self-exile.” And recently: “Several delightful dots covered of a series of weak voices.” When you focus on the tone and rhythm of the sentence, and express it through a camera, you then get the shaking focus, light and the scenes. The words are not the most important content; they are sometimes softly whispered, stuttered, or even topsy-turvy. Of course he occasionally uses pictures, performances, installations or dramas for expression, sometimes even typing a few letters on the keyboard. Tang Chao is good at pausing and pressing space, pressing and holding for a few seconds would be fine as well. He always tries to release some illocutionary meaning in every blank space with a straightforward manner.

In 2020, Tang Chao's work was exhibited in UN/ CONVENTIONAL at OCAT Shanghai.

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