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Shen Xin

1990, Chengdu, China

Now work in

London and Amsterdam, United Kingdom

Shen Xin (b.1990, Chengdu, China) lives and works in London and Amsterdam. Shen was awarded the BALTIC Artists’Award in 2017, and from 2018 to 2019, she participates in the prestigious residency program with Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. 

Shen’s practice engages with moving image and event through the scripted and the informative, examining the techniques and effects of how emotion, judgment, and ethic circulate through individual and collective subjects. By focusing on interpersonal complexity and political narratives, her films often aim to generate reflexiveness to dismantle dominant power structures.

At OCAT Shanghai, Shen Xin's works were exhibited in the exhibition The Ballad of Generation Y (2015), Dragon Liver Phoenix Brain-Eight Emerging Artists (2016), 8102——On Reality (2018), Frontier: Re-assessment of Post-Globalisational Politics (2019) and Remapping Reality — Selected Video Collection from Wang Bing (2019).

In 2022, Shen Xin is included in the 2022 Emerging Media Artist Exhibition in Solidarity with____? at OCAT.

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Remapping Reality: Selected Video Collection from Wang Bing

2019.03.23 - 06.16 closed

“Remapping Reality” marks the first comprehensive presentation of Wang Bing’s collection of Chinese video art from the post-Olympic era. In this moment of historical rupture, the exhibition attempts to take the collection as a point of departure to develop a new narrative framework.

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8102 – On Reality

2018.12.29 - 2019.03.10 closed

As the sixth installment of our annual emerging artists exhibition series, 8102 presents a realistic landscape of the narrative and evaluative peculiarities, the imaginative visions, of Chinese artists from the ‘80s and ‘90s generations.

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The Ballad of Generation Y

2015.12.06 - 2016.02.22 closed

As the latest installment of OCAT Shanghai’s annual OCAT Young Artist Project, this year’s exhibition is curated by media art curator Zhang Ga. The exhibition incorporates video, electronic devices, installations, documentation, as well as other medium and visual tropes.

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Dragon Liver Phoenix Brain – Eight Emerging Artists

2016.12.11 - 2017.02.12 closed

Being part of the OCAT Shanghai annual young artists project, this exhibition will also be the last exhibition of the year and is organized by Mr. Colin Siyuan Chinnery, a curator long devoted to the research of contemporary Chinese art.

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Frontier: Re-Assessment of Post-Globalisational Politics

2017.12.30 - 2018.03.11 closed

The exhibition invites more than thirty famous contemporary artists who employ video, installation, performance, photography and documentary language in rich expressions of their artistic thinking on regionality.

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In Solidarity with ____? | 2022 "OCAT × KADIST Emerging Media Artist Program" Exhibition

2022.08.20 - 10.23 opens in 2 days

OCAT Shanghai is pleased to announce the group exhibition "In Solidarity with____?", the first chapter of the OCAT x KADIST Emerging Media Artist Program 2022. This exhibition marks the eighth edition of OCAT Shanghai’s annual Emerging Media Artist Program, a project that launched in 2013, and its second collaboration with KADIST to support artists from China working in media art. The eight exhibited artists were selected from nominations by eighty contemporary art professionals for their demonstration of creativity, and command for the language of media art across multiple dimensions of practice. During the exhibition, an international jury will award one of the artists with a short, fully-funded research residency at KADIST San Francisco in 2023.

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