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Liu Xin

1991, China

Liu Xin is a media artist, interaction researcher, and engineer whose practice involves installation, performance, and mixed media as platforms for discussing the complex relationship between technology, social culture, and ideology. If technology can create sensations in virtual reality, how does the virtual differ from reality? Liu is interested in exploring sensations in the technical age and interfaces that translate information through cross-modal sensory channels. The interactions with “semi-real” materials are directed towards a sensory engagement. At the same time, the objects of the senses are made to reassess the past knowledge of sensations.

After receiving an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, Liu joined the MIT Media Lab in 2015. She has previously worked for research institutions including Microsoft Research NYC/Asia, Google's Advanced Technology and Projects, and the Tsinghua Art and Science Media Laboratory.

In 2015, Liu Xin's work was exhibited in The Ballad of Generation Y at OCAT Shanghai.

In 2022, Liu Xin is included in the 2022 Emerging Media Artist Exhibition in Solidarity with____? at OCAT.

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The Ballad of Generation Y

2015.12.06 - 2016.02.22 closed

As the latest installment of OCAT Shanghai’s annual OCAT Young Artist Project, this year’s exhibition is curated by media art curator Zhang Ga. The exhibition incorporates video, electronic devices, installations, documentation, as well as other medium and visual tropes.

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In Solidarity with ____? | 2022 "OCAT × KADIST Emerging Media Artist Program" Exhibition

2022.08.20 - 10.23 opens in 2 days

OCAT Shanghai is pleased to announce the group exhibition "In Solidarity with____?", the first chapter of the OCAT x KADIST Emerging Media Artist Program 2022. This exhibition marks the eighth edition of OCAT Shanghai’s annual Emerging Media Artist Program, a project that launched in 2013, and its second collaboration with KADIST to support artists from China working in media art. The eight exhibited artists were selected from nominations by eighty contemporary art professionals for their demonstration of creativity, and command for the language of media art across multiple dimensions of practice. During the exhibition, an international jury will award one of the artists with a short, fully-funded research residency at KADIST San Francisco in 2023.

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