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Liang Yue

1979, Shanghai, China

Now work in

Toronto, Canada

Liang Yue (b. 1979, Shanghai, China) currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. In Liang Yue's works, either photos or videos, the "daily" is always taken as a focus. She uses the easy-to-get materials with her acute art talents, keeps seeking, exploring and capturing the daily routines, and extending form concerning for the life in city to gazing the eternal scenery in the nature. A clear clue of her art practice could be witnessed in the massive works during the past fifteen years that the exploration for the beauty of insignificance, especially her videos, in which she keeps simplifying and abandoning the techniques of shooting and editing, challenging the art appreciation which the audience has been used to, as well as the viewers' retina and eardrum, patience and rationality, and further questioning the so-called significance and value of art as she treats the meaningless as the ultimate significance of her creation.

In 2021, Liang Yue's work was exhibited in the exhibition The Circular Impact: Video Art 21 at OCAT Shanghai.

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