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Kan Xuan

1972, Anhui, China

Now work in

Beijing, China

Kan Xuan (b. 1972, Anhui, China) currently lives and works in Beijing, China and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Humor, lightness, and grace characterize the works of Kan Xuan, running alongside a deep sense of critical irony. Kan Xuan mainly works in video. Her videos highlight the trivial elements, feelings, and sensations that we experience daily but often rarely notice. Reproducing them as directly as possible, her work is striking for its imagination, relevance, and exactitude. She indulges in a honing of the techniques of the observer, but transforms this passive observation into active performance in her video pieces.

In 2021, Kan Xuan's work was exhibited in the exhibition The Circular Impact: Video Art 21 at OCAT Shanghai.

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