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Trespassing: Yang Zhenzhong's Solo Show

2013.08.17 - 11.17 closed

An artist's relationship to society is always a dynamical one, it is constantly in transition through various social factors and networks. Unlike in the past, an artist's identity today is particularly complex and diverse. If we assume that art still should be in possession of an independent spirit, then this spirit must be engendered by not only social relations and economic foundations, but also by those meditations preserved by creating art and by a posture of existing in the real world, but keeping a certain distance to it. 

With the rise of social media in 2005, large amounts of mixed realities were brought into daily life. Confronted once again with information provided by the system, art and artists eventually started to contemplate quietly about the relationship between art and society, and the artist and society. Is there still anything an artist must do today? How to maintain one's own posture independent from not only contemporary art's political landscape, but also economic structures, trends and homogenization of production? Today it has become easier for art and artists to be accepted by mainstream society, but also easier to be alienated at the same time.

This exhibition provides a medium and a site to approach the artist, while also forming an entity by converging the artist's chronology with his presence. Yang Zhenzhong's art does not stop here, the paradox of his vision's immediacy and interaction, and various attempts to intervene with social reality can be attributed to the prospect of introversion and symbolism.

Yang Zhenzhong's spiritual life is in a unique space, intangible, but also “trespassing” through time. Everything begins with the exhibition and scene – what you see is what you get.

Li Zhenhua


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