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Quote out of Context: Solo Exhibition of Yang Fudong

2012.09.30 - 2013.01.03 closed

Yang Fudong, One of the most successful and influential artists in China. The Shanghai branch of the recently rebranded OCT Con- temporary Art Terminal Shanghai is honoured to host Quote Out of Context – Solo Exhibition of Yang Fudong , as its premier showing in an art museum. Over 50 of his major photography works and one video installation will be exhibited, showcasing his achievements from his early period up to now.


The contemporary age is one characterized by the crisis of meaning. The ‘meaning’ of the general crisis of life and existence needs to be redefined and reinterpreted with fresh perspectives, new methods and techniques. 

Quote out of context is both Yang’s own interpretation of the production of meanings as he himself is confronted with reality and tradition. It is also an attempt to express his attitude towards the meaning of life through the exhibited photography works and installation. With his unique mode of visual production (and by extension meaning production), Yang Fudong suggests to us that the fleeting moments and fragments he has supplied contain his personal understanding and visual interpretation of the secrets of life and meaning of existence. Such an unique visual interpretation is inextricably linked to the characteristics of the media he employs (cinema, video and photography). These fragmentary (hence out of context) approaches to the interpretation of the world have close affinities with the reality of a contemporary society riven by the fragmentation of meaning and value systems, while meeting the requirements of meaning production characterized by multiple perspectives, instant capturing and switching with a view to establishing overarching connections. With Out of Context, Yang has made it possible for his intended interpretation of meanings to find full expression in reality. Out of Context is at once a technique and means of reflecting on and producing ‘meaning’ and an attitude towards ‘meaning’ itself. 

Yang Fudong has been known for capturing ‘serendipitous epiphanies’ rooted in reality with a heightened sensitivity and tension and transforming them into visual opportunities to showcase the complex and often ambiguous meanings caught between reality and non-reality. Such sensitivity can only be derived from a profound ‘empathy’ with the relation between life and art, without which no work that helps people to ‘empathize’ with the meaning of life could ever be created. 

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2012 09.29(Saturday)


Yang Fudong


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